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Responsible Investing

An ongoing and important part of our long-term investment strategy involves encouraging companies to both recognize and adopt best practices in corporate governance, which includes issues related to social responsibility.

As an active owner, our internal and external investment managers regularly communicate with management teams and boards of companies in which we invest to discuss issues related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. We also regularly participate with other institutional shareholders in shared ESG engagement initiatives, with a significant focus on corporate governance.

ATRF is a founding member of the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance (CCGG), which serves to promote good governance practices in Canadian public companies and improve the regulatory environment to best align the interests of boards and management with those of their shareholders.

ATRF is also a member of the Pension Investment Association of Canada, which promotes sound investment practices and good governance for the benefit of pension plan sponsors and beneficiaries. ATRF is a signatory to the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project), a global initiative to encourage companies to publicly disclose information on risks associated with greenhouse gas emissions, water and deforestation.

ATRF considers proxy voting to be an important shareholder responsibility. Our proxy voting practice encourages companies to adopt best practices in corporate governance and improve their actions and disclosure related to issues of environmental and social responsibility.

ATRF regularly casts proxy votes in favour of shareholders' proposals advocating better disclosure around ESG issues.

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