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Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLA)

Cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) are effective each January and are applied to your ATRF pension (including the advance and the reduction, if you chose to take the advance) before income tax is deducted.

For the pension payable on pensionable service to December 31, 1992, COLA is calculated at 60% of the change from year to year in the Alberta Consumer Price Index (ACPI).

For the pension payable on pensionable service from January 1, 1993, the COLA is 70% of the year-to-year change in the ACPI.​

Plan members who received a pension for less than 12 months in the previous year receive a pro-rated adjustment.

Deferred Pe​​nsion

If you withdraw from employment and are entitled to receive a pension at some future date and you decide to leave your pension benefit in the Plan, your deferred pension will accumulate any cost-of-living increases that are granted during the deferral period.

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