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Incurred Expenses December 1, 2015 to February 29, 2016

Expense claim reports are supported by itemized receipts and invoices. For privacy reasons, confidential information has been blacked out or removed prior to posting.

​​​​​Only those individuals who have incurred expenses to disclose during this reporting period are hyperlinked.

Board Me​​m​​​​bers

​Greg Meeker​​​​​​​​Board Chair
Harry BuddleBoard Member
Karen ElgertBoard Member
Lowell EppBoard Member
Sandra Johnston​​Board Member
Gene WilliamsBoard Member

​Executive/Seni​​​​o​​​r Manag​ement

Rod MathesonChief E​xecutive Officer
Derek BrodersenChief Investment Officer​
​Albert CopelandDirector, Information & ​Technology Services
Peggy C​ornerDirector, ​Benefit Information Services
Margot ​HrynykDirector, Human Resources & Communications
Myles ​Norton​Director, Financial Services
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