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Investment Management

As a defined benefit plan, ATRF's mandate is to ensure that all plan members can look forward to a predictable and reliable pension income when they retire. The investment management activities at ATRF are focused on ensuring that the plan has sufficient assets to fund that pension promise over the long term.

ATRF's investment portfolio has grown rapidly in recent years, due to a combination of strong investment returns and the fact that contributions paid into the plan by active members exceeds the value of pension payments to retired members. In fact, the market value of the plans' have grown by $11.5 billion over the last 10 years, and reached $16.6 billion as of August 31, 2018. 

Because of the demographic profile of the post-1992 Teachers' Pension Plan, ATRF's assets will continue to grow for many more years to come​. In order to support this growth we have built a team of over 30 investment professionals who develop and execute the investment strategies needed to effectively oversee an expanding and increasingly complex portfolio.

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