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Pension Formula

​Five-year average pensionable sa​​lary, pensionable service and five-year average YMPE are used in the following formula to calculate your pension. Your pension at retirement before any applicable reductions will be equal to the following:

2.0% of Five-Year Average Pensionable Salary

multiplied by 

Pensionable Service before 1966


1.4% of Five-Year Average YMPE

multiplied by​

Pensionable Service after 1965


2.0% of Five-Year Average Pensionable Salary 

Above the Average YMPE

multplied by 

Pensionable Service after 1965​

Tip: You may use ​MyPension to estimate your ​pension.

Pensionable Service is:

  • service for which ATRF contributions were deducted,​​
  • service accrued while disabled from September 1, 1992,
  • service purchased through ATRF, and
  • service transferred from another pension plan under a reciprocal transfer agreement and that has not been withdrawn.

Refer to the Glossary​ under "Pensionable Service," for more information. 

Your Five-year Average Pensionable Salary is the average of your pensionable salary in the five consecutive years of pensionable service when your pensionable salary was the highest. Usually, your highest average pensionable salary occurs at the end of your career.

Your Five-year Average YMPE is the average of your annual earnings covered by the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) for the same years as your highest average salary.​

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