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Annual Report: ATRF is 'Looking forward to your future'

‚ÄčOur 2017 Annual Report is now available online. In it, you can read about our work and accomplishments over the past year, including details about the plans' financials, the growth of investments and information on how we serve plan members and employers. It also showcases interviews with two recently retired teachers, ATRF staff proudly serving plan members, and our Chief Investment Officer.

The theme of this year's report is 'Looking forward to your future,' and as CEO Rod Matheson explains, it's a concept that embodies the dynamic relationship we maintain with our pension plan members and stakeholders.

"One of the core ideas behind the 'Looking forward to your future' message is it represents our constant search for opportunities in which to invest, grow and safely manage members' pensions," said Matheson. "It also reflects the individualized support we provide plan members: to ensure they receive timely and accurate pension information and support as they look to their futures."

Growth continues: the market value of the Plans' assets grew to $14.8 billion; over the past 10 years, ATRF has seen a $10.5 billion increase in assets. In 2016-17 we generated an overall net fund return of 7.7%, exceeding our long-term funding objective, as well as the Plans' benchmark return. Plan membership also continues to grow. In the past decade, the membership base has grown by nearly 20 per cent, including a 40% increase in retired members.

"Through this period of exceptional growth on all fronts, ATRF remains committed to delivering the pension promise for our members: a predictable and reliable pension income in retirement," said Matheson. "The high marks we receive on our regular member surveys continue to show we're on the right track in terms of customer service satisfaction, but our goal is to ensure we continue enhancing services for our plan members. Our annual report, and our strategic planning process, is all part of our commitment to 'Looking forward to your future.

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