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Dianna Shimbashi

​After being an educator for 28 years, I retired in 2011, loving teaching right up to the last day. All my life I had kept daily journals and so I almost immediately began writing my memoirs of farm life, child and spousal abuse, and my career as a teacher.

dianna_lyn (2)-350.jpgI felt I had much insight to convey to others. After five years of writing and revising, I sought a publisher. Disappointingly, no Canadian publisher would consider my manuscript, but even after over 300 queries I never gave up. A Boston, Massachusetts publisher loved my book and published it in 2017.

My memoir, titled Weigh The Wind, is on Amazon, Chapters, and Barnes and Noble and I continue to blog on my website where I have many followers. I give my insight on relevant topics like the Me Too Movement, gun violence at schools, and abuse legacies and healing.

My life continues to have purpose and I have more time to enjoy the simple beauties of life on this planet with fewer commitments. I urge you to find your purpose after retirement either big or small and just enjoy life every day.

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