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Kristin Lapierre

​When asked what I would do if I could retire tomorrow, I think that I would continue on with most of my previous routines, but I would also add on some new ones as well.

KristinHigherRes-350.jpgCurrently, I work in substitute teaching, care for my family, manage a small acreage, and engage in physical activity.

These routines would continue on as before, but I would be able to do them at a less rushed pace because I would have more time to enjoy these aspects of my life since the goal of making a salary and obtaining a continuous contract would not be at the forefront.

Along with being more attune to the present, I would also travel more since my schedule would be more flexible and my daughter would be finished high school.

As one who loves teaching History and French, I would travel to places that I have talked about in my classroom and actually see the sites and experience the culture firsthand instead of obtaining it from a book or the Internet. Also, I would engage in developing my artistic ability and learning another language since I am someone that needs to be challenged by the tasks that I do during the day; the purpose of retirement is reduce one's workload, not dampen the ability to learn.

For the most part, I am happy with my life and how it is progressing; I see the same thing occurring with retirement as well. 

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