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Pension Formula

​Five-year average pensionable sa​​lary, pensionable service and five-year average YMPE are used in the following formula to calculate your pension. Your pension at retirement before any applicable reductions will be equal to the following:

2.0% of Five-Year Average Pensionable Salary

multiplied by 

Pensionable Service before 1966


1.4% of Five-Year Average YMPE

multiplied by​

Pensionable Service after 1965


2.0% of Five-Year Average Pensionable Salary 

Above the Average YMPE

multplied by 

Pensionable Service after 1965​

Tip: You may use ​MyPension to estimate your ​pension.

Pensionable Service is:​

  • service for which ATRF contributions were deducted,​
  • service accrued while disabled from September 1, 1992,
  • service purchased through ATRF, and
  • service transferred from another pension plan under a reciprocal transfer agreement and that has not been withdrawn.

See "Pensionable Service," as defined in the Glossary or view Purchas​ing Service, Changing Employment and Becom​ing Disabled​ for more information about pensionable service. 

Your Five-year Average Pensionable Salary is the average of your pensionable salary in the five consecutive years of pensionable service when your pensionable salary was the highest. If you contribute under a part-time contract, your pensionable salary will be annualized to a Full-Time Equivalent to calculate your Five-Year Average Pensionable Salary. Usually, your highest average pensionable salary occurs at the end of your career.

Your Five-year Average YMPE is the average of your annual earnings covered by the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) for the same years as your highest average salary.

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