Confirmation Process Update

The confirmation process is one of many ways we stay in touch with you and ensure we have updated information about you while continuing to pay your pension appropriately. This process is designed, among other reasons, to avoid overpayment issues when a retired member or their nominee passes away. Before the pandemic, ATRF would send out a confirmation letter to a sample of retired members each year for them and their nominee to complete, sign, and return to our office. In light of the pandemic, the confirmation process was temporarily suspended.

ATRF has taken the opportunity to review our confirmation process, and we are pleased to introduce a new pilot project which offers the option of paper or phone, based on your preference and convenience. Each month, a smaller, more targeted sampling of members will receive a confirmation letter by mail and the member (and nominee, if applicable) will now have the option of signing the letter and sending it back for finalizing or alternatively, calling our office to answer a series of questions for authentication and status confirmation.

We continue to encourage all retired members to contact ATRF to change and update your personal information when a life event happens – don’t wait for this confirmation letter.