About ATRF

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Mission Statement and Mandate

ATRF’s Mission Statement

Working in partnership to secure your pension income.

ATRF’s Mandate

  1. Deliver the benefits established by the plan sponsors, and
  2. Prudently invest the assets of the plans and set contribution rates with the objective of maintaining full funding over the long term at a cost and risk level acceptable to the sponsors.

What We Do

ATRF provides a full range of services for plan members. This includes:
  • paying pensions and other pension benefits,
  • providing various information materials,
  • conducting pension seminars, webinars, and personal meetings,
  • providing pension and termination benefit estimates,
  • calculating cost to purchase pensionable service,
  • transferring service between pension plans, and
  • maintaining individual plan member data.

ATRF provides information to plan members through direct mailings, electronic newsletters, social media, seminars/webinars, and our website. Plan Member Statements are mailed annually to both active and inactive plan members and Pension Information Statements are mailed annually to retired members.

Corporate Values

  • We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do.
  • We set measurable targets and evaluate our progress towards achieving them.
  • We aim to be an employer of choice.
  • We take responsibility for our actions and results.
  • We operate with transparency and open communication.
  • We are guided in all of our actions by our fiduciary responsibility.
  • We value and respect employees, plan members, and stakeholders.
  • We treat individuals and groups equitably and honestly.
  • We ensure our conduct is ethical and responsible.
  • We achieve more working together than as individuals.
  • We pursue mutual respect and dignity in our dealings with others.
  • We build strong and collaborative relationships.