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Information specifically for employers of ATRF members, including data reporting and details about how to use the ATRF-CS software.

ATRF works with teachers’ employers to ensure data needed to properly manage pensions is gathered effectively and accurately. Information in this section of the site is meant to ensure employers have all the information they need to work with ATRF efficiently and to facilitate that transfer of accurate data.

ATRF Employers Help Desk

The ATRF HelpDesk is an important resource for employers’ payroll staff, so they can ensure ATRF receives accurate and timely data for their teachers. Working together with employers, ATRF is able to provide timely information and benefit services to teachers.

ATRF’s HelpDesk helps payroll staff resolve issues related to pensionable salary  and ATRF contributions. We can guide employers to use the ATRF-CS software, and troubleshoot any data reporting or other errors they may encounter.

Payroll staff should reach out to their designated ATRF contact for assistance, or connect directly with the ATRF HelpDesk at helpdesk@atrf.com.

​ATRF welcomes any concerns or suggestions for improving the data reporting system, and you can contact us directly with any feedback you may have.