ATRF-CS Special Codes 

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A list of ATRF special codes is below.

Special Code Description Status Code Description
00 No Special Codes apply DE Deceased Teacher
10 Intern teacher DR Delete Record
11 Associate bargaining DT Disabled Teacher
20 Temporary or Probationary LK Lock out Record
21 Temporary year-round LM Maternity Leave
22 Full time year-round LO Other Leave
33 Substitute LP Parental Leave
37 Substitute Central Office fee opt out LS Sabbatical Leave
39 Substitute Central Office NP Negative Payout
40 Resigned Teacher (payout only) PO Payout Record
43 Lump sum retro for subs (current yr) RP Rehabilitation Record
50 Superintendent and Pensioner RT Early Retiree
52 Pensioner short term contract SR Strike Record
53 Substitute and Pensioner SE ATA Secondment
58 Pensioner and Continuing Education TT Terminated Teacher
71 Person Over Age 71
80 Continuing Education
94 Vice-Principal
95 Principal
96 Central Office ATA Staff
97 Central Office Staff Fee Opt Out
98 Central Office Staff
99 Superintendent