ATRF-CS Special Codes 

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A list of ATRF special codes is below.

Special CodeDescriptionStatus CodeDescription
00No Special Codes applyDEDeceased Teacher
10Intern teacherDRDelete Record
11Associate bargainingDTDisabled Teacher
20Temporary or ProbationaryLKLock out Record
21Temporary year-roundLMMaternity Leave
22Full time year-roundLOOther Leave
33SubstituteLPParental Leave
37Substitute Central Office fee opt outLSSabbatical Leave
39Substitute Central OfficeNPNegative Payout
40Resigned Teacher (payout only)POPayout Record
43Lump sum retro for subs (current yr)RPRehabilitation Record
50Superintendent and PensionerRTEarly Retiree
52Pensioner short term contractSRStrike Record
53Substitute and PensionerSEATA Secondment
58Pensioner and Continuing EducationTTTerminated Teacher
71Person Over Age 71
80Continuing Education
96Central Office ATA Staff
97Central Office Staff Fee Opt Out
98Central Office Staff