Leaves of Absence

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Whether or not you will continue to accrue pensionable service and pay contributions while on a leave depends on what kind of leave you're taking.

When you are on a leave of absence, other than the health-related portion of a maternity leave, you do not accrue pensionable service and you do not pay contributions.

To increase your pensionable service, you may have the opportunity to purchase that service once you return to participating in the Teachers’ Pension Plans.

Leaves of absence can be purchased if you were a contributing active member or on strike immediately before the leave and are currently accruing pensionable service as a contributing active or disabled member at the time of application.

Leaves of absence include:

You are not required to return to work for the same employer after your leave ends in order to purchase this service.

Leaves of absence do not include:

The above periods are not considered leaves of absence. You will continue to accrue pensionable service during these periods and both you and your employer will continue to pay contributions except where you are eligible to receive long-term (extended) disability benefits through your employer’s benefit provider.