Who We Are

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The Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund (ATRF) provides pension administration to serve our more than 80,000 members.

At ATRF, we take pride in providing member-focused pension administration and services to our more than 80,000 members, resulting in consistently high member satisfaction. We also strive to deliver outstanding investment support to the plan’s globally diversified investment portfolio.

Our internal investment strategy and risk team is responsible for supporting the ATRF Board in setting an investment policy that will provide consistent delivery of plan benefits, maintenance of affordable contribution rates that are relatively stable over time, and the achievement and maintenance of fully funded plans. This team also monitors ATRF’s investment portfolio to ensure that it conforms to the investment policy.

Together, these core businesses ensure members receive a secure retirement income that helps them realize their long-awaited plans and goals. Our corporate values of excellence, accountability, integrity, and partnership are integral to us achieving these objectives. In addition, strong corporate support services including finance, human resources, ITS, legal counsel, and communications are vital to our success.