Retirement Transition Programs

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If you are offering a retirement transition plan for teachers, the retiring teacher much follow the steps below in the correct order: 

  1. The teacher accepts the retirement transition plan offer to you directly.  
  2. The teacher then applies directly to ATRF for their pension before their new teaching contract begins. Any teacher that does not apply for their pension before their new contract begins will be required to contribute to ATRF under their new contract and will not be eligible to begin receiving their pension until their new contract terminates 

Before reporting the member service record as ‘pensioner’, contact ATRF to verify that they have applied for and are eligible to receive their pension. 

On a similar note, if you are offering a new contract to a teacher that might already be eligible for a pension, it’s always beneficial to remind them to contact ATRF before they accept the new teaching contract so they can understand any impact to their pension entitlements.  

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