ATRF Pension Plans Now Both Fully Funded

March 25, 2024

We are pleased to announce the Teachers’ Pension Plan (TPP) is now fully funded for the first time in its history, while the Private School Teachers’ Pension Plan (PSTPP) remains fully funded again this year. As at August 31, 2023, the TPP has a funded ratio of 101%, and the PSTPP has a funded ratio of 109%.

The funded status of a pension plan is an important indication of its financial health. Funded status is the ratio of a pension plan’s assets to pension obligations (the estimated value of the pensions we must pay today and in the future). The calculation assumes the plans have a long-term horizon and are maintained indefinitely.

Many years of work in carefully managing our plans and achieving strong investment returns led to this accomplishment, and it is one sign of the robust long-term health of our plans.

In addition, a fully-funded status provides additional risk management tools that ATRF can use to continue strengthening the plans’ long-term sustainability and meeting the funding objectives.

Ultimately, their well-funded plan should give ATRF members peace of mind, who can continue to trust that their retirement benefits will be paid as expected.