Mailing of Annual Plan Member Statements

December 12, 2023

Every year, ATRF prepares an annual plan member statement that summarizes your personalized pension information, including your accrued service and contributions and estimates of the benefits available from your pension plan. 

Paper copies of the annual plan member statements for active teachers will be mailed in the spring of 2024 after all employers have submitted their finalized year-end data to ATRF. Members who are inactive for more than two years will continue to receive their annual plan member statement in the summer. 

If you would like to view your annual plan member statement earlier, a digital copy will be available through your MyPension account shortly after your employer submits their finalized year-end data to ATRF.  

To receive electronic communications, sign in to your MyPensionaccount and navigate to Communications Preferences. Here you can opt to go paperless and receive an email notification when your annual plan member statement is available. 

You can also watch the Annual Plan Member Statements page to find out when your employer’s data has been processed and your annual plan member statement is available on MyPension.