Onboarding New Teachers

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When school boards hire new teachers, there are two forms that ATRF needs to get the teacher enrolled in the pension plan — the Information Update forms and Designating a Beneficiary forms.  It’s not necessary that you, as an employer, send this information to us. Once you report the first earned service records for your new teachers in ATRF-CS, ATRF sends the teacher these forms to be completed.

We continue to enhance our onboarding process for new plan members to make it more welcoming, comprehensive, and coordinated. We provide new plan members with a welcome letter that includes their ATRF ID number, how to register for their MyPension account, information about how to update their personal and beneficiary information with ATRF, and a colourful welcome brochure that provides some additional resources and a QR code to our website.  

We are using electronic channels when possible and using the forms available on our website instead of sending paper ones. This ensures the forms used are always the most up-to-date.  Using electronic channels and MyPension is also faster and provides immediate access. 

We very much enjoy the collaboration with employers in introducing the pension plan to new teachers. We will continue to work with you on enhancing our onboarding process, however, in order to avoid duplication and also make your job easier, we would like to suggest that ATRF be responsible for sending all pension plan-related documentation to your new teachers. You can let your new teachers know that they will receive information from us shortly after you have reported their first month of service in ATRF-CS.  

Please continue to invite your teachers to visit our website (atrf.com) and promote the use of MyPension. If you would like to discuss further, please reach out to your Data and Employer Services representative at helpdesk@atrf.com for more information.