Retirement Transition Programs

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If you and your employer are considering a retirement transition program, it’s important to follow the necessary steps. This includes applying for your pension before the start of your next teaching contract. Refer to the steps below for details.    

  1. Confirm that you are accepting the retirement transition plan directly with your employer.   
  2. You must then apply directly to ATRF for your pension before your new teaching contract begins.  If you do not apply for your pension before your new contract begins, you will be required to contribute to the plan under your new contract and will not be eligible to begin receiving your pension until your new contract terminates 
  3. Begin your new contract while receiving your pension.  

Working after retirement has some considerations that you should be aware of. Working and receiving a pension payment at the same time may have tax implications because these payments are both considered income.  

Also, signing a teaching contract after your retirement can impact your pension payment amounts due to the application of the “0.6 rule” that applies to the Teachers’ Pension Plans. When the “0.6 rule” limit is reached based on the salary you’ve earned under a teaching contract, your monthly pension payment will be reduced dollar-for-dollar by the amount of monthly salary you earn over the limit. More information about teaching after retirement can be found on our website.    

Do you have questions about returning to teaching after retiring? Reach out to ATRF via the Secure Message Centre in your MyPension account or give us a call.