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Returning to Teaching After Retirement

​Returning to work in a position that requires a teaching certificate may affect your monthly pension if you work more than 0.6 of a year within a school year (September to August). This is called the “0.6 rule.” Please review the following questions and answers if you plan to return to work as a teacher after your ATRF pension has started.

What are the consequences of working beyond 0.6 of a year ​​within a school year?

If you teach more than 0.6 under contract(s) (September to August), your pension is reduced dollar for dollar by the amount of salary relating to service accrued once the limit is reached. The pension payable for the remaining months in the school year is similarly reduced.

Why does substitute time no longer count towards th​​e 0.6 rule?

Effective September 1, 2011, the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) and the Government of Alberta amended the Teachers’ Pensions Plans Act to exclude substitute service from the 0.6 rule.

I have decided to work beyond the 0.6 rule, how do I avoid ove​​rpayment?

First you need to determine when you will reach the 0.6 limit. Your employer can assist you with determining how much service, including payouts you will accrue and when the limit is reached. Once you have determined when you will reach the 0.6 limit, send in a written request to have your pension suspended/adjusted to avoid overpayment.

When will I be notified that I have worked beyond 0.6 ​of a year?

Once ATRF has received your finalized salary and service information from your employer, we will calculate your total service after pension to determine your actual overpayment amount. Please be aware that the timing of ATRF’s receipt of this information is solely dependent on your employer. You will receive a copy of the calculation broken down by month showing the salary and service for your records.

How will the adjustment be done?

Suspension of pension benefits.

If I disagree with the salary/service reported to ATRF, whom d​​o I contact?

If you believe there is an error in the service and salary used by ATRF to calculate your overpayment, contact your employer for clarification. Your employer will have to submit any corrections to ATRF before we are able to recalculate the overpayment.

Why do I have service in July and/or Augu​​st?

When you work under contract, you receive a payout at the end of your contract. The service earned in conjunction with this salary payout is added to the next calendar month. A full-time contract earn​s the maximum of 0.083333 (1/12th) of a year of service per month. A 0.6 part-time contract earns 0.050000 (0.6/12) of a year of service per month.​

Who is responsible for thi​​s rule?

The 0.6 rule is legislated in the Teachers’ Pension Plans Act. Plan rules are the responsibility of the Alberta Government and the ATA.

Where can I find more informati​on?

Refer to the information sheet Returning to Teaching after Retirement.

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