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​​​If you marry, be sure to complete an Information Update form and a Designating a Beneficiary form to provide the following information:

  • name change, if applicable,
  • change of address, if applicable,
  • your spouse/pension partner's name and date of birth, and
  • any change in your beneficiary designation. (Remember to name someone other than your spouse/pension partner. See below for an explanation.)

Both forms can be downloaded from this website, or obtaine​​d from your employer or ATRF.​

Providing your spouse/pension partner’s information​​ will allow us to provide more detailed information on your Plan Member Statement.

Your spouse/pension partner is automatically your primary beneficiary, regardless of whom you have named on your Designating a Beneficiary Form. For more inf​​ormation about priority of beneficiaries, refer to Death Before Retirement​.

Pensions are considered matrimonial property and may be shared as the result of a Matrimonial Property Order (MPO) if marriage breakdown occurs. For more info​​​rmation about a MPO, refer to​ Marriage B​reakdown.

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