2023 Member Survey Results

February 16, 2024

As mentioned in ATRF’s 2023 Annual Report, ATRF sent a comprehensive electronic member survey to over 67,000 members to gather feedback about their experience with ATRF’s services and from this group, 19% of members responded.

We are pleased to report that overall, 89% of respondents indicated they were satisfied or very satisfied with all services provided by ATRF. We want to thank the 10,174 members who took the time to provide their valuable feedback

In addition to overall satisfaction, there were several other interesting trends and noteworthy results in the infographic below. 

Ease of Accessing Services and Information

Ensuring members can easily access information and services is a crucial component of a member’s experience with ATRF. The member survey indicated that most members (3 out of 4) find it easy to access the information they need from ATRF, and we want to continue to build on that by increasing the convenience of the services we provide.

Examples of recent enhancements to those services include paying individual cash lump sum payments by electronic transfers instead of cheque or simplifying the pension application form and process both of which were changes completed earlier in 2023 

MyPension Enhancements

Survey results show that 91% of members rated MyPension, ATRF’s secure online member portal, as excellent or good, and 83% found it easy or very easy to use. This is wonderful feedback, and we want to continue to increase our members’ satisfaction by ensuring our tools continue to be intuitive for users and by offering new features like the document upload introduced earlier in 2023.  

Once again, thank you to all members who participated in the survey. Your feedback and insights are an invaluable part of the continued enhancement of ATRF services, contributing to an exceptional experience to all members with every interaction.  

If you didn’t receive an email to participate in ATRF’s survey, we may not have your updated email address. You can update your personal information, including email, through your MyPension account.  

Learning More About the Plans

A majority of members (75%) indicated they were interested in learning more about their teachers pension plan, and 31% of these members said they were very interested in learning more.

At ATRF, we love to support teachers’ pension literacy, so please watch for more learning opportunities, such as more online videos in 2024  

ATRF’s Role and the Services We Provide

While 4-in-5 members understood ATRF calculates and administers pensions, there was confusion about ATRF’s other functions, such as investments.

There was uncertainty about the way ATRF assets are managed, and many members believed that we administered health benefits and other services, which we do not provide.  

Understanding ATRF’s scope and services may be confusing due to the changes to investment management following Bill 22 in 2019-2020. In addition, we work in partnership with other organizations that support Alberta teachers that have similar names, such as the ATA, ARTA, ASEBP, etc.

We want to ensure that our members know where to go for the services they need. Watch for more information from us focused on what services we provide and what the scope of our mandate is.  

ATRF also has a series of articles that explain the differences between what ATRF does and the other “A” organizations we work in partnership with. Take a look at the content which features ASEBP, ARTA, and the ATA, as well as this page that explains asset management at ATRF.   

Interested in contribution rates, funded status or other ATRF milestones for the 2023 year? Read the full 2023 Annual Report.