2023 ATRF Annual Report

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The 2022-2023 ATRF Annual Report outlines the performance of the organization, the plans we manage, and the funds we oversee. It provides an overview of the results ATRF has achieved over the course of the year in relation to its goals and highlights some of the areas where ATRF has performed exceptionally well. It also includes the audited financial statements for the year.

The ATRF Member Report provides a quick overview of some of the most important information from the Annual Report.

Highlights from the Annual Report

Plan Funding Status

A pension plan’s funded status is an excellent indicator or long-term viability, so we are particularly pleased to announce that through prudent management and governance, Alberta’s teachers’ pension plans are now fully funded. [Full Details]

Board Chair Report

Board Chair Sandra Johnston
Board Chair Sandra Johnston

Alberta’s teachers make a tremendous contribution to our province through careers that can last 40 years or more. I am proud to be part of an organization that ensures the pensions teachers earn during those long careers will be there for them when they expect it.

ATRF has been dedicated to Alberta teachers’ pensions since its inception in 1939. We are proud of our unique experience and expertise that enables us to provide exceptional pension oversight and member service that results in tremendous value for sponsors, stakeholders, employers, and members.

Teachers see that value when they look to the future and rest comfortably, knowing their pension will be there for them throughout their entire retirement. That value is enhanced by pension payments that include annual cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) to help make retirement more affordable… [Read More]

Serving Our Members

As a pension manager, our raison d’être is to deliver our members a pension they can count on. [Find out more about the way we served our members last year]

Contribution Rates

We are pleased to announce that contribution rates are being reduced again, effective September 2024. [Full details]

CEO Report

ATRF CEO Rod Matheson
ATRF CEO Rod Matheson

I am proud to present this annual report that provides an overview of the excellent work done at ATRF in 2022-2023.

Our plan funded status is of particular note, as the Teachers’ Pension Plan is now fully funded for the first time in its history. Many years of work in carefully managing our plans and achieving strong investment returns led to this accomplishment, which is an excellent indication of the long-term health of our plans.

Our investment returns improved last year from the previous year, with an overall return of 4.4%. That result did not meet our benchmark targets, which is explained in the Investment section of the report, but ATRF’s focus remains on the long term – and our longer-term results continue to be excellent. Over a 10-year period, ATRF’s total fund has generated an annualized return of 8.1%, surpassing benchmark by 0.4%, net of all costs… [Read More]

Long-Term Rates of Return

ATRF takes a carefully informed, strategic view of investments that focuses on the long term. Full investment results, including short term and analysis, can be found here.