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Confirmation of Pension Letters

Each year the Alberta Teachers' Retirement Fund (ATRF) conducts a review to confirm that pensions are being paid appropriately to eligible retired teachers and/or their nominee. As the plan administrator and trustee, ATRF undertakes this process as part of our ongoing efforts to protect the assets of the Plan for all members. Sending out Confirmation Letters helps us make sure the right pensions are paid to the intended recipient.

This confirmation process is one way the Plan can reduce the risk of paying pension benefits after a member has passed away. It also protects your loved ones from having to deal with large overpayments. When a death is reported on a timely basis, this can be avoided.

ATRF has established criteria for the confirmation process, and depending on your personal circumstances, you may not receive a form every year.

If you are celebrating your 75th or 80th birthday in the current year, you will receive a letter in the spring.

If you are celebrating your 85th birthday (or are 90 or over) in the current year, you will receive a letter in the fall.

If we do not receive your completed confirmation letter within the allotted time frame, your pension may be suspended. Once we receive your completed confirmation letter, payments will resume retroactively.

To monitor the status of your confirmation, please log into your MyPension account on

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