Your Plan at a Glance

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The Teachers’ Pension Plan and Private School Teachers' Pension Plans are defined benefit plans that have some unique features.

Lifetime Benefit

Receive a secure retirement income for your lifetime. Learn more about your lifetime benefit.

Member Contributions

Plan members contribute an amount that is determined each year based on plan funding and other factors. Get full details about contribution rates.


Contributions from members and government/employers are pooled and invested by professional managers. Find out about ATRF’s investment strategy.

Benefit Amount

Benefit amount is secure and predictable, based on years of service – and includes annual COLA adjustments. Get details by using the pension calculator in our MyPension online portal.

Government / Employer Contributions

Government/employers also contribute an amount set each year, based on the same factors as member contributions.

Funding Risk

Funding of deficiencies is the responsibility of active plan members and Government of Alberta / employers. Learn more about the funded status of ATRF’s pension plans.