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Optional Advance/Reduction Program

If you retired before age 64, you had the option of choosing to receive an optional “advance” with your monthly ATRF pension. The intent of the optional Advance/Reduction Program is to smooth out your pension income before and after you begin to receive Canada Pension Plan (CPP) payments, which usually begin at age 65 (they can begin as early as age 60, however).

If you chose to receive an advance, the amount will be based on estimates of the amounts you would have received from CPP and, if applicable, Old Age Security (OAS) benefits if you had retired at age 65 and had started these benefits at that time.

If you chose to receive an advance from ATRF, it is payable for your lifetime. However, it must be repaid through a reduction. The repayment begins at age 65 when a reduction begins to be applied to your total monthly pension payment from ATRF. This reduction continues for your lifetime.

The amount of the advance cannot be changed or discontinued once your pension payments have begun.

For pensions started after June 30, 1982, the advances and reductions cease with the death of the retired member.

For more information, plus examples of the advance/reduction, refer to Choosing a Pension Option​.


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