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ATRF-CS Reconciliation

It is important to keep your payroll, your ATRF-CS, and your Remittances to ATRF reconciled.  Below are some suggestions on how to ensure a smoother transition for your annual year end reconciliation.

  • Always make changes/adjustments to your payroll first, then import data into ATRF-CS. If you make changes to your payroll after you have imported to ATRF-CS, you will need to import the changed file to ATRF-CS.
  • Keep track of adjustments (for example, in a spreadsheet) and make a note on your remittance statement of the dollar value attached to each particular prior school year.
  • Make sure to allocate retroactive salary increases to the appropriate school year.
  • Work out any unusual situations (missed days, terminations, payouts, etc.) ahead of time, manually in your ATRF-CS. In this way, you can be sure that the totals will validate and match your payroll.
  • If your ATRF-CS submission does not match your remittance, keep track of which employees are affected and where the errors occurred. Remember to use this information when you submit the next month.
  • Use your Export Summary Report in ATRF-CS as a tool in reconciling.
  • Make reconciling a part of your monthly routine so as to avoid problems later.
  • If you need assistance, please email ATRF at‚Äč
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