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Have some questions about your pension? We can help.

Types of Presentations and Webinars Available

ATRF offers various presentations (these are also available as webinars) for members of the Teachers’ Pension Plans.

  • Steps to Retirement
    • For teachers who are planning to retire during the current year or within the next few years.
    • A general overview that includes detailed information about the Steps to Retirement application process, pension options, and forms.
  • Your Pension Matters
    • Primarily for mid-career teachers.
    • A general overview that includes detailed information about beneficiaries, death benefits, purchasing service, and termination benefits.
  • Substitute Teachers: *NEW*
  • New Members: *NEW*
    • For teachers that are new members of the plans.
    • A general overview that includes detailed information about beneficiaries, death benefits, and MyPension.
  • Purchasing Service: *NEW*
    • For all teachers that previously had an employer-approved or parental leave, taught as a substitute teacher, or have other purchasable service.
    • Detailed information about purchasing service.
  • Transferring Service: *NEW*
    • Teachers that previously taught in another Canadian province or were previously employed in the Alberta or Canada public sector within the last year.
    • Teachers who previously taught in Alberta now teaching in another Canadian province or newly employed in the Alberta or Canada public sector within the last year.
    • Teachers considering teaching in another Canadian province or taking employment in the Alberta or Canada public sector in the future.
    • Detailed information about transferring service to or from a reciprocal transfer authority.


ATRF is available to answer your pension inquiries throughout the year by phone, video or in-person (subject to COVID  precautions that may be in place). To schedule an appointment with a pension counsellor, please sign into MyPension and select “MyAppointment” in the member menu or call our office at 780-451-4166 or 1-800-661-9582. Our office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Some of the most popular pension interview topics include:

  • Reviewing your pension estimate(s) and the joint/single life pension options,
  • Exploring the option of purchasing service, and
  • Discussing the Steps to Retirement application process and forms.

Note: Extended health benefits are not offered by ATRF. To discuss these benefits, please contact your employer’s human resources personnel.


ATRF hosts webinars throughout the year. You can refer to this list of webinars currently available or sign in to MyPension. New dates and times will be added regularly.

To register to attend, please sign in to MyPension and select ‘Register for a Webinar’ in the Member Menu. If you have not previously registered for MyPension, you can view our tutorial video below the ‘Register’ button of this page or get more details on the MyPension Online Portal page.

ATRF Pension Seminars at Teachers’ Conventions

ATRF is usually invited to present “Your Pension Matters” at teachers’ conventions. Check your convention’s website to see if and when ATRF will be presenting at your convention.

Request a Group Seminar Presentation

ATRF pension counsellors are available to present a seminar on request (online or in-person), such as at an ATA Local event or a professional development day. Please contact us at with a tentative date and time and the name of your organization’s event.

Self-Service Options

You can access the following information and services in MyPension 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

  • Pension estimate
  • Plan member statement
  • Service purchase estimate
  • Update your personal contact information
  • Update your spouse/pension partner information
  • Update your beneficiary information

If you haven’t registered for MyPension yet, signing up is quick and easy.